SUN Retreat

Our SUN region retreat otherwise known as field forum was held just outside Mexico City this year. We flew into Mexico City on Sunday and spent the day with our friends who are also international workers with the C&MA and a Canadian short term team they had with them. We ate some great tacos and caught a little glimpse into the culture as we walked the streets of the historic center of the city.

Monday to Friday went spent at the retreat in a quaint Mexican Mission converted hotel/conference centre.  There we met other international workers in the latin america region along with a pastor/speaker from the US and member/heart/soul care people from Canada.  It was a time of challenge, refreshing, worship, and togetherness – sharing stories, listening, praying….

The boys had an amazing time and enjoyed the freedom they had to run around with friends and be a bit farther away from us.  A pastor couple from Brooks, Alberta came and led the kids in a VBS.  The boys LOVED every minute.  They preferred to eat at tables with other people and thoroughly enjoyed their visits with everyone – young and older and everyone in between.  Because we were in a safe environment, the boys did have freedom…much more freedom than they normally have – for me, this was one of those hard things as I had to let go a bit of our tight reign. It is such a part of my natural instinct now to know where they are at all times and have them in our sights…so this was emotionally difficult and also emotionally healthy for me.  It was also wonderful to see them being loved on by so many.

A word that one of pastors from Canada brought us was the picture of arms wide open, hearts exposed, and sometimes bleeding. It was a precious time of renewal and reflection,  of freedom and connection.  So thankful.

Our team!