End of School Year!

The boys finished their school year on Friday, June 7!!!   As seems to be the norm, the last weeks of school were a blur, filled with many special events.

Boys with their game faces on for "Field Day!" A day of games and fun for the whole school, where all the kids are placed on teams with others from different grades. The boys loved their day and we were impressed and thankful for the creativity of the teachers in spite of a rainy day!

Mackenzie had his first taste of basketball this year! He's on the green team in the center of the photo. At the end of May, he was able to participate in a tournament with the 3 other international schools in Caracas with students from Grades 3 - 6. He had a great time and is excited about playing more!

Lukas has been involved in a Spanish Theatre Club on Thursdays after school. On their last regular day of school, the theatre club presented their short work to the rest of the school. We are SO proud of Lukas! He did a great job and impressed his Venezuelan friends in the process!

Mackenzie and friends at Spring Concert - They sang a cowboy song that was a highlight of the concert!

Lukas loves his friends! There is such diversity and such closeness.

ICS Spring Concert

Lukas with his class on the last day of Grade 1

Class Presentations - Grade 1

Class Presentation - Grade 3

Mackenzie with his teacher, Miss K. We are so thankful for the wonderful teachers that invest so much of themselves into their students.

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  • I enjoyed reading about this potential relationship (both blogs). I’ve been impressed with how our church (Spruce Grove Alliance) has built commitment relationships with some of our missionaries. I pray that you will know God’s clear leading and have His wisdom in the terms of the relationship. I am so glad that this kind of support is developing now. Love in Jesus, Judy and Lee

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