Relationship Matters Course

Last week, Chris and I along with our boys were in Maracay to be trainers for the Relationship Matters Course. The team of trainers were lead by Jeff and Susana from the US and Lannah from Spain. We were also joined by our Venezuela teammate, Kelly, our Mexico teammate, Norma, and our Canadian Regional Directors, Murray and Michelle. This was our first time as trainers for Leadership Matters short course on building biblical relationships, Relationship Matters (Relaciones Importan). We took the full length course in English in Costa Rica in November so we were looking foward to passing it along to the leaders and pastors here in Venezuela. We spent the first few days together being trained by the head trainers before the course began which was a real gift.

Personally, it was the most fun that Chris and I have had in Spanish!  We were given opportunities to be stretched and grow!  We shared our stories with the larger group and were also table trainers. We are thankful for what God did in us through those days. The boys did really well in spite of how busy we were and thoroughly enjoyed their time with Mikaela, who came with her parents (Murray and Michelle) to look after the boys.

We know that many of you have been praying for this week and we are so thankful for the many ways we saw God moving in the lives of pastors and leaders and through so many details as we spent those intense days together. This is not a normal teaching setting as the content and learning is done in a dynamic way so we were modeling and doing it alongside the participants during our days together. We were able to see them growing deeper in their relationships with one another even as they were “practising” the material. It was such a blessing to see God moving and using the course to meet a deep need in the leaders present.

The head trainer of the course translated some of the comments of the participants and here are just a few of those:
• “There isn’t a precious stone nor money that have more value than this course has for me…” -Gustavo, Pastor Venezuela
• “Excellent team, clear, profound and dynamic instructions; you helped me learn to teach in a different way…” – Gerardo, Pastor Venezuela
• “The best help has been to discover that using communication tools properly we can reach the whole world…” – Marcelo, President CMA Venezuela