The Hiebert Family

Making disciples of Jesus
gathering people from all nations
Reaching the least reached of Mexico City and Beyond

We are now in Mexico City. Our primary focus right now is to help Mackenzie and Lukas transition and settle into school.
We are also looking for an apartment in Polanco.

Thank you for giving to our Outfit Fund and our Vehicle Fund! We have just about met our goals for both!

Do you desire to continue to partner with the Hieberts in Mexico City? Consider giving to their Work Fund.

Giving Options


Around the globe Alliance workers are active in everything from building the local church to increasing educational opportunities, from helping people gain access to clean water to advocating for the marginalized. The Global Advance Fund is the primary means of providing for our Alliance workers. Each worker’s cost of living in the country where he or she serves comes from this fund.

Work Fund

Giving to the Work Special Fund helps us do ministry in Mexico City. Whereas the Global Advance Fund gets us to our field and keeps us there (all the day to day costs of living in a foreign country), this could go towards anything like helping with costs for a pastor’s retreat, replacing a laptop or travel to another city or country to do leadership training.


Giving to the Outfit Fund will help us setup a home in Mexico City. Currently we need pretty much everything to setup a house: beds, furniture, cutlery, a washer and dryer etc.


Giving to our Vehicle Fund will help us buy a vehicle in Mexico City. Our goal is to raise $25,000 to add to the funds received from the sale of our Vehicle in Venezuela. We only need about $5000 more!

Ways to Pray


Chris Loves his family dearly! He’ll have a good cup of coffee at least once a day – usually in the morning. After spending time with Jesus, he looks for adventure throughout the day. I
I love God and I love people. I love seeing those two come together. I do it over coffee, walking outside, enjoying my husband and kids, showing hospitality in our home or in lineups at grocery stores.
Mackenzie loves to learn, explore, create and try new things! He enjoys good books, all things Star Wars and LEGO. He loves adventuring and hopes to one day travel the world. The WHOLE world!
Lukas is creative and loves art, especially drawing aliens and monsters. He loves all things Lego and Star Wars, traveling, seeing new places and trying new food. If asked to describe himself: artistic and fun!
Melter of Hearts
Almost 8 months old and getting into trouble! She’s rolling around so nothing at floor level is safe. We are enjoying her love of talking and singing. Now if she would let us get a good night sleep . . .